Mr Twinkle's Story

I’m not sure I can ever convey the wonderfulness of sugar. My greatest pleasures have come from a square lump being dropped into my case by the generous Dr Korb. Many question Korb’s methods, some even call him mad, but I have always found him an excellent companion during our time together. True, we cannot connect on a truly intellectual level, but I find us kindred spirits both looking for answers in a barren land that is not of our making.


One of my pastimes is reading comics. This is a favourite.

I also like leaves. Crunchy and green, what’s not to like right?

Recently Korb has been upping the number of sugar cubes he gives me. They’ve become less a treat and more part of my routine. I worried at first that this may diminish my love for their sweet, sweet taste. But so far no. The cubes have taken on a slightly more bitter taste than those I have had before, I feel perhaps Korb is preparing me for something but I am not sure what.

Sometimes I pity poor Korb, partly because he lusts after the girl who used to be my companion to no avail, but also because he only has two legs. I can’t imagine it, I love all six of my legs. So long and slender, and I can run really fast! I doubt Korb could run as fast as me. If he could I think he would run after her. The poor confused devil.

On top of the increased sugar offerings there’s also been the blasts. I think Korb is trying to cure me of something the way he blasts me and does his checks. Perhaps he has laced my sugar? This could be paranoia. I get paranoid, especially about there not being others like me around. I put it down to the sugar though. Sweet, sweet sugar.

I definitely feel different. Like something is changing. I’m sure Korb used to seem much larger than he does now. I feel perhaps our time together is coming to an end. But I will always remember him, someone I can respect and, yes, love. Thank you Dr Korb for our times together. I hope I can take something of yours with me, something to remember you by.

I suddenly have the urge to roar.

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