Recording Episode 1

A sleepy suburban house in Watford. 6 people, 2 cats and a selection of food. This can mean only one thing: Action Science Theatre has begun.

First step: tea.

The morning read-through

Everyone is professionally focused at the read-through

Next, time for a read-through. Already problems. Science Brian wants to change things; as a result Producer Dan wants to have him thrown out. We clear the air and continue…

A physical push is required in the script. A cast member is almost thrown from the sofa.

The word “I’m” causes an unexpected problem. Resolved with a change to the script. The writers promise to avoid cunningly simple words in the future.

Read-through finished.

Now doing some initial recordings. Producer Dan seems to think people struggle to behave themselves when put in front of a microphone. Not sure where he gets that idea from.

Time for more tea.

Scripts on the floor

The script is treated with the respect it deserves

Producer Dan feels we may be here some time. He despairs.

More tea.

Height problems for the cast: one has to stand on a box to reach the microphone. Laughing at this is banned.

Dan, Dan and Sreya recording

Some cast members are taller than others…

Some excellent voices emerge, including a squeaky old lady. Listen out for that one.

Time for some physicality. How do you make it sound like someone’s being dragged across the room? Simple. Drag them across the room.

Tea again.

Still no roles for the cats. They look completely oblivious to this.

The day draws on. Everyone starts getting hungry. Do they have Indian takeaways in Watford? Turns out they do.

Episode 1 is in the bag! Just have to leave Producer Dan to do all the editing. He doesn’t mind; he has nothing else to do.

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3 thoughts on Recording Episode 1

  1. Short Actress Sreya

    A very enjoyable day! It sounds great – well done writers, cast and P.D. Can’t wait for the next installments!

    And let’s not forget discovering the secret of making it sound like someone is on the other side of a door … recording them talking on the other side of a door. 🙂

    • Producer Dan

      Thanks, Sreya – glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Baba

    Zvakanaka !!! LOL SVP, IOK !!!

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