About Action Science Theatre

Action Science Theatre is a podcast in the style of a radio play, that mixes action, science, comedy and silly voices to create a welcome distraction from real life for 20 minutes or so. It is unquestionably the finest free online audio drama you can get without trying any others.

And who knows, you might even learn some science. Maybe.

A new episode is published every month, you can download them from this site as MP3s or get them on iTunes (don’t forget to subscribe).

“They’re short, fast and lively fare, with enthusiasm papering over the cracks inevitable in a zero-budget indie production.”
Librarians and Leviathans

“The episodes clip along at a good pace and the writing is witty and filled with zingers. I occasionally find myself laughing out loud at a double entendre here or there. Keep up the good work.”
Crazybablu – iTunes

“An almost lost treasure of art for the mind resurrected and done SO well. Keep up the GREAT WORK!!”
Bullock Zombie Lover – iTunes

“Amazing modern radio theater with a decidedly geeky and humorous twist… you owe it to yourself to check out this gem!”
PerseusX – iTunes

The principal contributors to Action Science Theatre are:

“Action” Dan Bond (@jam2econd)

Dan Bond
Dan is involved in AST because he knows someone who knows someone who can build websites. If he had a van he’d be more useful. We’re hoping he buys a van. He writes most of the nonsense.

His biggest hope is for regular cups of tea.

“Science” Brian Macken (@towelinmonk)

Science Brian

Brian was raised in a sciency way by scientists in a scientific laboratory on Science Island. He therefore knows a couple of things about science. Due to a freak of nature he is very adept at Irish accents. He writes all the science facty stuff.

His biggest hope is that one day he won’t get the blame.

“Producer” Dan Booth (@DanRB1004)

Dan is the man who makes the podcasts happen and is known around the world for his patience and understanding when things don’t work out. Really he is. He is also the 347th cleverest person in the world. He writes all the moaning and techy podcasting stuff.

His biggest hope is that one day he gets to work with people who know what they’re doing.