Action? Science?...Asthma and spiders?


So, what happens is you all bring a vegetable and put it in a bowl. Then you pick one out and whoever brought it…

Sometimes, just occasionally, if I tip my head to the right and hold it for long enough I develop a pain in my neck. This is a thing I have learned, a thing I have discovered through experimentation. People often say to me, “you’ll only learn in life if you try to do things”. And those people are right. Although I wish they would leave me alone, I have things to do. To learn, if you will.

I remember being a child and looking up to the trapdoor in the ceiling of my parents bedroom that lead to the attic. I looked and wondered at the riches that lay up there. Fleeting glimpses of old lamps, board games, and stereo equipment being carried up there by my father were all I knew of it. Fun could surely be had, so I tried to get up there. Unaware of the location of “the ladder” (the shed as it turns out, sneaky father) I would climb on various objects and just try to reach, but to no avail.

Over time I grew tall. And I found out where the ladder was. Access was granted to the fateful land. Upon finally entering the attic however I discovered its bric-a-brac was not left unguarded. Covered in a layer of asthma-inducing dust (a hereditary gift from my father, the asthma not the dust) and fear-inducing spiders I was unable to enjoy the land of entertainments before me. I learned something from this; that my father probably has contacts in the spider world.

Based on incidents like this I have developed a sharp mind for spotting opportunities to learn. I sometimes lay in flowerbeds in suburban neighbourhoods for days just waiting for an opportunity to appear. And one day, quite recently, an opportunity jumped out planted a metaphorical kick squarely in my jiggly potatoes.

A man, let’s call him Science Brian, approached me at a bring-a-vegetable-and-swing party with an idea. That idea was called “a podcasty radio pulp science thing”. I instantly knew this could be a magnificent project if someone could help out who was tall, handsome, and had better naming ideas. That person I decided, was me. And so after teaching Brian the English language, coming up with the name “Action Science Theatre”, getting a suggestible young man to build a website for us (thanks Ben!), and finding out what a microphone was, the project began.

Oh yeah, and Producer Dan got involved too.

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