Action? Science?...Theatre?

How did you get here? Probably, you followed a link somewhere (thanks for that, by the way). For me, Action Dan and Producer Dan, it’s taken more than a click to get this far.

For my part, it started with a musical.

Some of us (including Action Dan) got together to noodle around with the idea of a science musical, after a hashtag game on Twitter got out of hand. Some ideas were kicked around, we went to the pub a few times, a good time was had by all, but nothing ever came of it – this  is the sort of thing that happens all the time, and nobody involved really minds as it’s the process which is the useful thing. But me and Helen Arney did get as far as writing three-quarters of a song about a woman standing outside of a warehouse in the rain, about to barge in and get her thesis back from Pythagorean cultists.

Sound familiar?

But we’re not there yet.

Everyone got busy, and the musical was shelved. But I still had this idea sitting around. And this idea was sitting around in my head with a few other bits and pieces: I had recently discovered a podcast called the Thrilling Adventure Hour, which delivered a hilarious, original, audio drama every week, and I loved it (and, indeed, still do); I was reading a comic called Atomic Robo, a story about a robot built by Nicholas Tesla who, with his team of Action Scientists, has funny, clever and fantastic adventures; and I had been listening to old radio serials for years, and a few months prior had tried to come up with my own (with oh so very poor results).

And my brain did a useful thing, and smushed all of these things together.

I ran to Action Dan and said, “Dan! Let’s do this thing!” So we wrote the first episode.

We then ran to Producer Dan and said, “We have no idea how to actually turn all this into reality! Help us!”

And now here we are with one episode in the bag; the scripts for episodes two and three are taking shape, and ideas for more are stacking up.

Now all we need is your help, gentle reader and listener. If you have enjoyed AST please share it on Twitter or Facebook or whatever the social network of your choice is, leave a comment and/or a rating on iTunes, and we will love you forever. We’re really enjoying ourselves making AST, and we’d love to share the results with as many people as possible!

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2 thoughts on Action? Science?...Theatre?

  1. Sreya

    Do you think you would ever do a musical episode for reals? They are so on trend right now…

    • Action Dan

      Well, it depends on 2 factors; 1) writing competency and 2) musical competency. So…

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