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Episode 48: Gibbon Half a Chance

Ooh be do. I want to be like you. I want to walk like you, talk like you. Ooooh.

Modelling yourself after successful people can have ups and downs. For every “being open to new ideas” there’s a “wake every morning at 4am”.

If only King Louie understood that.

Of course this is unrelated to our next episode which is about gibbon hunting. I don’t know why. Perhaps they know where the lost treasure of the Sierra Madre is?

Join us! Hear the most convincing gibbon impression you will ever hear! Encounter romance! Feel confused!

Episode 47: Breaking the Mould

Aaaaaaaachoo! Oof. Sorry about that. I really must stop rubbing my face with things I’m allergic to. Like cats.

Of course scientists are doing their best to cure us of diseases – and to do this they like to stick things in our crevices.

Get ready for international travel! Animals! And lots of hot nose action!

Lie back and think of the bacteria…

Episode 46: Not Very PC

The 1980s. Cool music, solid haircuts, adventurous films and neoliberalism. Everything a decade should be.

And it was when the big, successful computer companies started their rise. And not only the successful ones.

Join us to for a story of the also-rans. The followers. The failures. The Great British computer companies.

Episode 45: Bullet Time

Guns. Dangerous things. Well, one end is. Really as long as you’re not standing in front of the little bit on the front you’ll be okay. They never point that out in gun statistics do they? What about all the people who were BEHIND the gun?

Having established that guns are safe, let’s use one to fire people to space! Woo! This is a great idea. Nothing can go wrong. Time for a warm audio ear bath. Dive in.

Episode 44: Frank and Shine

Scientists. What are they like, eh?

Not content with filling the world with “facts” and “ideas” they’re also very fond of weird experiments. One minute you’re waiting for the 49 bus, the next you’re being attacked by a murderous fog that’s escaped from a laboratory.

They also like removing and adding brains to things. And has that ever led to anything good? No. Well, that run is about to continue. Stick your ears right into this pile of noises, my friends.

Episode 43: The Shamhattan Project


I love mushrooms. They’re a tasty and healthy alternative to meat. And they’re great fried in butter, like so many things in life.

But what about mushroom clouds? They don’t taste so good in garlic and breadcrumbs.

How about an adventure about them though? That’s something you’d like isn’t it? Well, here you are. Sort of.

Mind the Russian accents. Keep your hands inside the car. Away we go!

Florence Nightingale - That girl got lamp

Florence Nightingale was born, by some amazing coincidence, in the city of Florence, Italy on 12 May 1820. She was the second daughter of parents with enough money that they could name their children whatever they wanted. Her elder sister was called Parthenope. So there you go.

A photo of Florence Nightingale

She got Flo

Her mother wanted Florence to marry a rich man, because she was very progressive. However Florence was a devout Christian, and when she was 17 she felt God was calling her to serve him. Possibly bringing him a lovely cup of tea.

At first Florence wasn’t sure how God wanted her to serve (sugar?), but by 1844 she was convinced she was to nurse the sick. Her parents, William and Frances were horrified because at that time nursing was definitely not a respectable job! Nurses were often drunk and conditions in hospitals were dreadful. Nothing changes, huh? Huh? Amirite?!

Episode 42: Crimea River

Pie charts. Not as fattening as the name suggests. They’ve been miscommunicating information for a long time now, and baffling people with their unnecessary 3D effects.

Of course the reason we have them at all is down to the ‘lady with the lamp’. She was always working in the dark which explains the bright default colours used on charts in Excel.

Regress with us now as if you’re in some fever dream, and experience the horrors of the Crimea war with a little bit of sauciness thrown in. And don’t come crying to us when you get trench foot.

Episode 41: Mystery Cubed

Wait, 2 counter-clockwise turns off the upper-level should… No… 3 clockwise rotations of the left-most sector will… No.

We all hate Rubik’s cubes. Hate them completely and utterly. More than life itself. But there are some total weirdos who do like them.

Join some of these fine people as they grapple with lining up little coloured squares, AND some of life’s biggest challenges.

Not everything is as it seems…

Episode 40: Gone to Seed

Have you ever had one of those friends? You know the type, will get you into trouble and then disappear when the going gets tough. Irish. Co-writer of the podcast you make. Named Brian. I think I may be giving you too much of a peek behind the curtains…

There hasn’t been enough Scandinavia in AST up until now, so here’s some. Will Steve make it out alive? Will Angela get to make some sandwiches? Will Marcus see things through? Things are getting seedy…