Episode 12: Jimmy Calendrics

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All together now…

“Happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you,
happy birthday AST,
happy birthday to you!”

Well done, excellent work. A particularly good range of tenors amongst you.

AST is 1 year old! (Okay, not quite. Obviously we didn’t start with an episode zero though. Shut it maths people.) To celebrate we have this special episode that features us playing ourselves! Although not until the end. So hang on in there for that.

Can Jimmy win back some credibility from the scientific community? Can he win back any kind of respect? And where did Gene Roddenberry come from? Stop asking, start listening…

Jimmy, Mike, Science Brian – Brian Macken
Debs – Miriam Higgins
Anne, Mona Lisa – Rhona Wells
Art, Christopher Columbus, Smethley – Matt Kirk
Commentator, Sailor, Gene Roddenberry, Action Dan – Dan Bond
Producer Dan – Dan Booth

Written by Dan Bond & Brian Macken

Produced by Dan Booth

Some sound effects provided by Freesound.org

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4 thoughts on Episode 12: Jimmy Calendrics

  1. Good work folks and congratulations on the anniversary.

    Looking forward to the next 12!

    • Action Dan

      Thanks Ben!

      And a big thank you for your contribution.

      We recommend you to all out friends (we just have so few friends…)

  2. Producer Dan

    What… I have to do *another* 12..?

  3. Action Dan

    The contract I’ve faked your signature on says *at least* 36 actually…

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