Episode 20: Inflated Ego

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Pfffff. Pfffff. Pffffff. There we go. I’ve tied 37 balloons to this chair, that should be enough to get me to the moon.

Here I go – and release! Oh. Why aren’t I going up? This is awkward. Now I look ridiculous. Oh well, while I untie all these balloons why don’t you settle in and take a listen to this little beauty?

Do you remember Edna Egerton from Episode 2? No? Well, go back and listen to that. Okay? Right, this time we visit her a bit earlier in her career when she, like me, is messing about with balloons. Join us for racing, nudity, cheese and sky-based adventure. Let’s get it on.

Edna Egerton – Ciara Kelly
Lotty Lawton-Carstairs – Georgie Longley
Ego O’Brien – Brian Macken
Hector Moncrieff – David Ault
Lady Elizabeth Stowage – Rhona Wells
Simpkins – Dan Bond

Written by Dan Bond & Brian Macken

Produced by Dan Booth

Some sound effects provided by Freesound.org

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