Episode 24: Ron-spiracy

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Have you been talking about me? You have, haven’t you? Behind my back! To everyone! You’ve been talking about the noise I make when I eat kippers! Never trust anyone. That’s what my financial adviser used to say. Never. Trust. Anyone.

It’s easy to see how conspiracy theories take hold. They suggest there is order behind unrelenting chaos. But no, there is nothing but chaos.

Come and enjoy some marginally organised chaos – Ron and Jim have been chosen to be part of the UK’s first manned space flight. But is everything as it seems?…


Ron – Brian Mackenwells
Jim – Jamie Crowther
Lucy – Erin Burns
Ellen – Elena Wright
Halstead – Dan Booth

Written by Dan Bond & Brian Mackenwells

Produced by Dan Booth

Some sound effects provided by Freesound.org

Original music by Dan Booth

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3 thoughts on Episode 24: Ron-spiracy

  1. Nyk Fry

    Love the theatre, but with only one observation, and that being sometimes audio is panned far too left or right.

    • Action Dan

      Hi Nyk, thanks for the comment. We’ll write it on a note and drop it into Producer Dan’s cage.

  2. Producer Dan

    Interesting – how are you listening to the shows, Nyk? Headphones? In the background while you’re doing other things? Through a mono speaker? I mix wearing headphones, and I like the different voices placed around the stereo picture, but perhaps that doesn’t work for different listening contexts – let me know!

    Thanks for the feedback đŸ™‚

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