Episode 40: Gone to Seed

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Have you ever had one of those friends? You know the type, will get you into trouble and then disappear when the going gets tough. Irish. Co-writer of the podcast you make. Named Brian. I think I may be giving you too much of a peek behind the curtains…

There hasn’t been enough Scandinavia in AST up until now, so here’s some. Will Steve make it out alive? Will Angela get to make some sandwiches? Will Marcus see things through? Things are getting seedy…

Marcus Houghton – Simon Wilson
Angela Thrushmartin – Rhona Mackenwells
Dr Vida Christensen – Kat Steiner
Dr Tomas Christensen – Rory Morrison
Steve Thrushmartin – Brian Mackenwells
Henrik Bodia – Dan Bond

Written by Dan Bond & Brian Mackenwells

Produced by Dan Booth

Music: “Elevators” by August Virga Sextet

Some sound effects provided by Freesound.org


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