Episode 44: Frank and Shine

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Scientists. What are they like, eh?

Not content with filling the world with “facts” and “ideas” they’re also very fond of weird experiments. One minute you’re waiting for the 49 bus, the next you’re being attacked by a murderous fog that’s escaped from a laboratory.

They also like removing and adding brains to things. And has that ever led to anything good? No. Well, that run is about to continue. Stick your ears right into this pile of noises, my friends.

Dr Giovanni Anzelmo – Brian Mackenwells
Inspector George Parr –┬áMike Macdonald
Igor – Pamela Linnen
Shoe Shine Mary / Frank – Debs McKenna
Gisella Anzelmo – Wendy Bradley

Written by Dan Bond & Brian Mackenwells

Produced by Dan Booth

Some sound effects provided by Freesound.org

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