Episode 49: Rights and Wrongs

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Things haven’t always been fair at Christmas. In the old days, before the Snapchat, some people didn’t get everything they wanted.

Women. They haven’t always had it easy. But there are some who fight for their rights! And there’s no better time to do it than when the nights draw in and those shops open that only sell pointless gadgets.

Grab yourself a mince pie, loosen your clothing, punch a reindeer, and listen to this eggy slice of audio fluff. Merry Christmas!

Dr Henry Keys – Jamie Crowther
Annabel – Elena Wright
Elizabeth Thomas – Anna Wilson
Nathaniel Thomas – Brian Mackenwells
Patricia – Rhona Mackenwells
Lydia – Debs Mckenna

Written by Dan Bond & Brian Mackenwells

Produced by Dan Booth

Some sound effects provided by Freesound.org

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1 thought on Episode 49: Rights and Wrongs

  1. Brilliant, with a deus ex Mac the Knife ending.

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