Science Christmas around the world

Christmas isn’t just for ordinary people, scienticians like to celebrate it too. Of course, different countries have different traditions with regards to how the celebrate the day of presenty goodness. Let’s take a look at how sciencefolk mark the day of turkey munching in different countries of the world.


The entire day is done upside down and the wrong way around. Santa steals presents. Everyone eats a massive sprout accompanied by loads of little turkeys. Once complete everyone visits the toilet (or “dunny”) and watches as their converted dinner spins around the bowl in the wrong direction, as they have done for millennia.

Most popular gift: Koala cheese


Father Christmas actually lives in Canada, mainly because he likes poutine. On Christmas Day he visits every scientist who is playing ice hockey that day (all of them) and gives them a brand new golden puck. In the afternoon everyone gorges on Canadian Geese and sushi. The evening is traditionally spent continuing to build the wall along the border with the US that they’ve been secretly working on for centuries.

Most popular gift: Wayne Gretzky


Scientists gather around the bunsen burner and tell stories about fascinating microbes they’ve found. At 11am everything stops for tea and turkey scones. In the afternoon everyone huddles round the TV to watch the Queen talking about her annus. Everyone believes in Santa, but also think that he should help fund more scientific education and research.

Most popular gift: A queue etiquette guide

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