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Computer Magic

Image via CERN

Computer Magic at the LHC (Image via CERN)

At the Large Hadron Collider, two protons are accelerated to a fantastic speed and then smashed into each other. This piece of sub-atomic vandalism is not just for kicks. Scientists there are looking for the Higgs Boson, a particle that, if found, could help explain why some things are heavier than others. It looks like they might have found one last July, too.

Now these collisions are watched by all sorts of detectors. And each collision creates about 1Mb of data (if you had the first minute of a classic song stored as an mp3, that would be about 1Mb, to give you an idea). Which doesn’t sound like much! Except, and here’s where things get tricky, there are millions of collisions a second. Even if you’re reading this blog post on a high-end computer, your hard-drive would fill up within 30 seconds. And the LHC operates throughout the year, and will for years to come. Too much data is generated for anyone to possibly store, never mind sift through.

So when they designed the LHC they had a huge problem to solve – just how do you store and process that much information?

Episode 7: They do it with Magnets

How do you confuse Prof Brian Cox? Put him in the Large Hadron Collider and tell him to stand in the corner.

Sal is a gumshoe. That means everyone wants to slap him. His old flame Mabel needs some help, there’s been a murder at the LHC. Will Sal solve the case? Will they find any Bosons at all? Shouldn’t they all have French or German accents? It’s in Switzerland for goodness sake. Take the plunge, intrepid adventurers…

Sal – Matt Kirk
Mabel – Elena Wright
Scarlet Astor – Amy Wackett
Sam Butler – Dan Bond
Frankie the security guy – Jamie Crowther
One of the boys in the lab – Brian Macken