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Editing Episode 15 - The Reluctant Technologist

Why? What possible reason could I have to go and stand in a field in Wales for two days? It’ll be raining and there’ll be sheep and hippies and people who haven’t bathed, and there’ll also be Action Dan and Science Brian (aka. all of the above). You are kidding, right? There is no way on Earth that I would ever, ever, produce a live podcast at Green Man festival.

Screenshot of AST's page on the Green Man website

The evidence…
(screenshot gratuitously stolen from greenman.net)

Wait – how did I get here? Ergh – get that unwashed science hippy-sheep away from me…


Episode 15: Green Man Cross Code LIVE!

Somewhere, in a field in Wales…

Some Nobel-prize-winning scientists have arrived at a science conference to share their knowledge. But it isn’t a conference. It’s a festival. With dirty people and music. And what’s more, they’ve lost their Nobel prizes. Which goes to show anyone can disappoint you given a long enough timescale.

Will they find their medals? Which food vans will the cast visit with their free meal tickets? Will everyone get sprayed with acid? Go, go go! Then go some more!

Tony Thompson – Dan Bond
Nicola Martel – Rhona Wells
Timandra Holt – Kirsten Summers
Dave / Concert-goer / Other concert-goer – Brian Macken
Audience – Themselves

Written by Dan Bond & Brian Macken

Produced by Dan Booth

Some sound effects provided by Freesound.org

Episode 4a: Science Shoot-off LIVE!

Some people seek truth, some seek justice, others seek the adulation of others to feed their egos. One such person has come to the globally recognised phenomenon of Science Showoff, with a presentation to wow the crowd. But two unknown gun-persons have other ideas. Will he survive? Will the cast remember to speak into the microphone? Will anyone enjoy the experience? There’s only one way to find out!

Recorded live at Science Showoff at the Wilmington Arms, London on the 2nd October 2012.

Presenter – Brian Macken
Red Assassin – Rhona Wells
Blue Assassin – Dan Bond
Sound effects created by random members of the Science Showoff audience