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Solvay and the Catastrophe

Solvay Conference 1911

The 1911 Solvay conference attendees.
With an addition by our own Action Dan

1911 was an interesting time to be a physicist. At that time, as best as anyone could figure out, the foundations of our understanding of physics seemed to be cracking. Small, annoying little differences between what classical physics predicted and what actually happened began to get bigger and bigger, and could never be explained away. These little threads were unravelling the whole tapestry of physics that had been built up since Newton.

So maybe interesting isn’t a strong enough word.

Episode 5: Solvay-nt Abuse

In 1911 a crack team of physicists from around the world assembled in the unheard-of town of Brussels in darkest Belgium. This was the first Solvay conference. Among these know-it-alls were little-known scienticians Albert Einstein and Marie Curie (aglow with her success). This much Wikipedia will tell you. But now Action Science Theatre presents the untold story of this great moment in science history. Will Einstein and Curie end up together? Where exactly is everyone supposed to be from? And what is rumbling in that cage? Find out now!

Einstein – Matt Kirk
Marie Curie – Rhona Wells
Irene Curie – Sreya Rao
Robin/Front Desk Lady – Wendy Bradley
Solvay – Dan Bond
Korb – Jack Brougham
Radio Newsreader – Brian Macken