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Episode 16a: A Waste of Time

“We are pleased to present a guest episode of Action Science Theatre created especially for LabLit.com!”

If you could travel back in time and bring anyone back to the modern day, who would it be? Our choice? We’d leave them where they were, but suggest more people wear hats. Very tall hats. A lot of you would probably say Shakespeare, but, well, that’s you isn’t it? Predictable. And slightly shifty looking.

Join us for a special episode created just for our friends at LabLit.com. It has the answers to everything, and so much more. What is Parkin? Who has the best carpets? And, of course, which is better; art or science? Check, check, check, check it out.

The...science? of time travel

Time travel. Time travel. Science blog, time travel. Okay. Right. Let’s do this thing.

We can’t do time travel. Time is a strange thing which is hard to get a handle on, and the best definition I have come across of it is John Wheeler’s, who said “Time is what prevents everything from happening at once”. And it only points one way.

So that’s that.


You want more than that?

Oh alright then, let’s talk about a weird idea. It’s not time travel like we here at AST depict, but it’s…well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Episode 8: The Time Artist

What? What do you mean there’s no such thing as time travel? Sorry? No, you’re breaking up. Can’t hear a word.

Join us, Actioneers, for another slice of adventure beyond the lens of the microscope. Steve and Patrick are friends that work in an office. Much like most of you are. But they’re about to be whisked away on the escapade of a lifetime. Unlike most of you. Will they get to eat all the Hob Nobs? What did Adolf Hitler sound like? And were there gay policeman in Victorian London? The podcast, listen to the podcast, do it, do it…