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War of the Cotswolds - Poster Boaster

War of the Cotswolds poster

The finished poster. Fine work (you can click it for a larger version).

At Action Science Theatre we pride ourselves on exploiting giving creative people opportunities to collaborate with us and show off their talents. Any regular listeners among you will have noticed the fine baritone vocal craft of Mr Matthew Kirk, the chirpy chimes of Miss Sreya Rao, the husky lilt of Miss Amy Wackett, and indeed the virtuoso musical talents of one Producer Dan. On top of these fine people (not literally) we have the many other cast members who have so memorably and unforgettably brought characters from previous episodes to life (but whose names escape me right now… um… some of them may have been Irish?).

Episode 10a: War of the Cotswolds

Anyone who knows the AST crew personally may have noticed a cock-sure swagger that they seem to conduct themselves with these days. It’s the confidence that only comes from doing almost a year of audio drama podcasts.

Recently we decided to harness this power and put it to work. So we entered a competition. This competition:
War of the Worlds 75th Anniversary Contest
(In case you were wondering, we didn’t win. Or come in the top 3. Which obviously means it’s brilliant, but misunderstood.)

And here we make available to you, our sophisticated audience, our entry for this competition: War of the Cotswolds.

What do you do if your budget’s been cut, your marking isn’t finished, you’ve run out of biscuits, and aliens land in the playing field? Time to find out…

Herbert “Spadger” Watkins  – Dan Bond
Terry “It Must Be Alive” Smythe – Brian Macken
Gareth “Epic Fail” McPhail – Dan Booth

Written by Dan Bond, Brian Macken & Dan Booth

Produced by Dan Booth

Original music by Dan Booth

Some sound effects provided by Freesound.org