The Odyssey of AST

Arizona State Route 98

This is NOT, repeat NOT the way we went.

What a merry band, were we,
Who set off in the name of AST,
On stage, we were set to perform,
In foreign lands, to invite scorn.

Producer Dan was the first to go,
His tiny car heavily laden, and slow,
Shortly followed by Science Brian, and partner,
Action Dan, girlfriend and dog were there, not long after.

Inevitably, there was a visit to a castle,
The dog loved it, he’s such as rascal,
Drink was drunk, and food was eaten,
And plans were discussed in impromptu meetings.

Then came the day of the stage bow,
Five free meal tickets, we were allowed,
The benefits of artist passes,
No seats though, sitting was still on green grasses.

Our intrepid band took to the radio,
To discuss their presence and promote the show,
Their experience of the medium was clearly shown,
Although some struggled to speak into the microphone.

And so at last the performance started,
Luckily not too many of the crowd departed,
The show was slick, and the recording was done,
Maybe not the audience, but at least the players had fun.

As we set a course to return home once more,
Our voices tired, and limbs sore,
Despite the ups, the downs, the pleasure and the pain,
We’d consider doing it all again.

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