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11 thoughts on This show is on hold...

  1. y.a

    listening to these at work, thanks!

  2. Producer Dan

    Our pleasure!

  3. Mike Wallace

    I wanna coffee mug! I get an error message when I click on “online store”. I wanna coffee mug!
    Mike Wallace (The “I wanna coffee mug” guy.

    More comments to follow…If I get a coffee mug!

    • Action Dan

      Apologies! You should be able to go get one now…

  4. Ron Boltong

    For how long will the show be on hold?
    I listen to the episodes from and to work and enjoy them very much, even for a Dutchman.

    • Action Dan

      Hey Ron!

      We’re not sure how long it will be on hold right now. The Producer has created a new tiny Producer to ensure the show can go on for as long as possible. But, apparently this new Producer needs to learn to feed herself and not poop in her nappy. As soon as she’s on the right track, we’ll be back!

  5. Rick

    Congratulations on the tiny producer!

    • Producer Dan


  6. Chad

    This show is fantastic! I hope tiny producers train up very fast as I have listened to all the episodes twice and am happily going for a third round. I may get bored, eventually.

    • Action Dan

      We don’t know whether to thank you or advise you seek professional help. Thank you. The optimum number of listens is 4,378.

      • Producer Dan

        That’s nearly as many times as I’ve had to listen to it…

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