We kind of won an award sort of!

Woohoo! We were nominated by One Crafty Minx, who is in no way favouring us for any reason at all. As soon as we found out we cracked open the champagne Coca Cola supermarket own-brand cola.

“The Liebster Award is an award set up to bring recognition to and increase viewership for blogs with fewer than 200 followers.”

Yes, we have less than 200 followers. One day this will be a cascading success of epic proportions. One day.

Anyway, One Crafty Minx set us 11 questions. Answers from the each member of AST below:

1. What has made you smile today?
Action Dan: I got electrocuted. Seriously. It was quite a wry smile.
Science Brian: I’ve just finished reading Volume 3 of a comic called ‘Chew’, which is all about a detective who can psychically see the past of something, just so long as he eats it. It’s amazing.
Producer Dan: It’s too early in 2013 to use up my smile. I only get one per year.

2. What song makes you turn the radio off?
Action Dan: The one that comes on at 6am each morning.
Science Brian: I usually find songs with lots of autotuned singing to be annoying, thus making me officially of the older generation who does not understand the young people any more. There are exceptions to this, however.
Producer Dan: Ironic – Alanis Morissette.

3. What is your irrational fear?
Action Dan: Spiders. They are the devil’s 8-legged doom mongers.
Science Brian: I am nervous around heights, but only if I am on something connected to the ground. So planes are fine, but the top of the Eiffel tower would not be.
Producer Dan: Letting Action Dan and Science Brian into my house every month. No wait… *irrational* fear. Erm… static electricity. The Van de Graaf generator is the most terrifying thing ever invented.

4. What destination is top of your holiday list?
Action Dan: Yorkshire. Because I’m going there. So it’s top of the list. Simple.
Science Brian: I’ve always fancied Iceland, mostly because Reykjavik is so fun to say. Try it now. Reykjavik. Rolls off the tongue. Lovely.
Producer Dan: Oh, now, I had a holiday once. I didn’t like it.

5. If you could do anything as a career, what would it be?
Action Dan: Doing whatever I fancy, whenever I fancy it. Faffing about a lot. Podcast Producer?
Science Brian: Write audio-dramas and plays, and do science communication on the side. So the inverse of what I currently do.
Producer Dan: There’s only one thing I’m any good at, and I already do that, so I’m probably stuck with it.

6. What is your favourite item in your house?
Action Dan: Dog or girlfriend, dog or girlfriend… Tough call.
Science Brian: Tricky. Right now it’s probably what my girlfriend got me for Christmas – a set of books from the ’30s, all of which have titles like ’50 Amazing Secret Service Dramas’ or ’50 Amazing Hair-Breadth Escapes’ or ’50 Supernatural Thrillers’. I’m a sucker for old, adventure pulps like that. The other main contender is my telescope – which my girlfriend got me for Christmas last year. I don’t get to use as much as I would like, though.
Producer Dan: Whatever it is, it’s still in a box.

7. What is your exercise of choice? If any…!
Action Dan: If I could choose, cake lifting. Three times a day. For health reasons; running, swimming and walking. Not at the same time.
Science Brian: I swim once or twice a week. You’d be surprised how many plots of my episodes of Action Science Theatre get worked out while doing lengths.
Producer Dan: I stand up occasionally.

8. What are you most likely to be doing when you’re not blogging?
Action Dan: Annoying Producer Dan. Pointless but fun.
Science Brian: Probably writing something else. I have lots of little pieces of projects I chip away at, but AST is top of the to-do pile most of the time.
Producer Dan: Complaining.

9. What is the last film you saw at the cinema?
Action Dan: Skyfall. Obviously.
Science Brian: The Hobbit! It was pretty fun.
Producer Dan: Skyfall. Obviously.

(Science Brian is off message. He will be reprogrammed.)

10. What is your favourite weather?
Action Dan: Cold but sunny. I look better in layers.
Science Brian: Cold Autumn mornings.
Producer Dan: Dull and overcast, but mild, and not raining too heavily.

(No prizes for guessing how pale the AST crew are)

11. Do you have a speciality in the kitchen?
Action Dan: I am very good at washing up.
Science Brian: My speciality is mostly saying ‘Ah, that should be on by now’, ‘how long does this take?’ and ‘oh dear’, not in that order.
Producer Dan: Cooking.

Hopefully you found that informative and special.

Until next time!

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  1. Producer Dan

    Action Dan’s responses to Questions 5 and 8 have been duly noted, and will be addressed when he least expects it…

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