You've got to Accent-uate the Positive

“In linguistics, an accent is a manner of pronunciation peculiar to a particular individual, location, or nation.”
From the Wikipedia entry for ‘Accents’

Trouble at Mill

“Trouble at mill”

In the world of Action Science Theatre we stop the sentence after the word “peculiar”. Always.

When the world was made, 500 years ago in a sweat shop somewhere near Rhyl, it was decided in the interests of sporting competition to divide it up into countries. Some of the countries would be big, some would be small and some would be Denmark.

Each country was assigned a language based on how good the populace of the country was at producing guttural throat sounds. All was well and time went by. But as it went by, like a merciless bringer of death, it began to change the way some people spoke. Some Welsh people began to speak in a slightly different way to others. And so accents were born, and there was much rejoicing (or reajoucing).

So you’ve got 2 big pots with crazy shenanigans going on inside; languages and accents. And because some dashed fool invented intercontinental airship travel, you have to be aware when writing a podcast combining action, adventuring and competitive level stupidity, that you may need to mix some of these accents in. In fact, due to everyone’s love of mildly offensive national and regional stereotypes, it’s a must.

So you put in people with accents and stuff.

And then you think “do I write the accents in? What if they don’t say ‘goose’ in the particularly humorous way I want them to? Should I throw crisps at them until they do it right?”

Of course you should. But don’t write the accents in. The ‘actors’ (to give them the laughable title they insist on) should be free to interpret the lines and they see fit. Maybe. You can shout at them during recordings though. Bonus.

So friends, in conclusion do include humorous Scots, laughable Yorkshiremen, giggling Greeks and yodelling yanks in your own haphazard podcasts. And a quick tip here, we find it’s far more fun to ask people which accents they can do, and then ask them to do the ones they can’t. You’ll notice if you listen. Go on.

Yeah. They sound silly don’t they?

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